Avalon & Atrum

Goddess of the Cycle, Sister of Life and Death
God of Shadows, Brother of Darkness and Light

Greater Deites
Home Plane:
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Death, Life, Rebirth, Undeath, Light, Darkness, Twins, Opposing Forces
Worshipers: Healers, Necromancers, Undead
Cleric Alignments: LN, LG, LE, N
Domains: Death, Healing, Law, Repose, Darkness, Sun
Favored Weapon: Twin Crescent Scythe

Goddess of Life and Death, Avalon is the twin sister to Atrum, God of Darkness and Light, and together, the pair ascended from mortality to divinity. In doing so, they righted countless wrongs concerning the true nature of the universe.


Avalon recognizes that the Cycle of life begins with life, but does not end with death. Just as Resurrection can be accepted as a natural part of the Cycle, so too can Undeath. She teaches that undead are not inherently evil, but like any other tool (in the case of unintelligent undead) or person (in the case of intelligent undead), application and choices determine the nature of undeath. Just as a sword might be used to slay the helpless, it may also be used to protect the innocent.

Avalon’s teachings promote the use of undead for any purpose, and support intelligent undead in pursuits of their own desires, free from the disapproving (or domineering) eyes of other deities. She also mandates that mindless undead are to be treated as any other kind of property, and intelligent undead are to be as equals to any other sentient beings, for purposes of disputes and laws especially.

Clergy and Temples

Avalon’s religion is well structured, if not sparse. Her teachings promote the acceptance of undead throughout the mortal realms and beyond, and thus her clergy are often undead themselves. Avalon’s clerics can vary dramatically, from healers and bringers of life, to necromancers and their undead. Clerics of Avalon may not always see eye to eye on matters, especially since she does not discriminate between the “good” or the “evil”, but they always respect each other; after all, they have much in common with one another. Her clergy favor monochrome garb, often black or white signifying their affinity for life or death. A rare few endeavor to take upon themselves the whole of Avalon’s teachings, seamlessly blending the powers of Life and Death into a perfect harmony. These few often favor grey garb.

Temples dedicated to Avalon exist, though may be few in number. Most such temples are places of passage for the dead or dying, such as graveyards or mortuaries, though any number of them can be places for healing and hospitaling. Oftentimes, these temples are places one can go to sign for the handling of their bodies when they perish. This works something similar to being an organ donor: when the signer’s time on the mortal realm ends, as per his wishes, he may be buried, cremated, resurrected, or raised as an undead being, intelligent or otherwise. The process is always voluntary, and any follower of Avalon must abide by the wishes of the deceased, or face the wrath of the clergy or their goddess. Anyone who does not visit a temple or shrine to Avalon to make the arrangements is considered to have given consent for whatever case is deemed appropriate, unless otherwise dictated by their own faith.

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