Each player will make two characters

  • First characters (characters1)
  • Second characters (characters2)

Characters2 will be young aspiring adventurers that look up to characters1 who are hardened and experienced adventurers. Each player’s character2 will look up to a different player’s character1. (Example: Anthony’s character2 looks up to Chris’s character1)

The campaign will be broken into two parts, the first part will be about characters1 and the second part will be about characters2.

It is not necessarily required of you to completely flush out the exact specifics of characters2 for the time being, such as their class, stats, skills, etc. However, their general personality is somewhat important to begin with. (this does not mean you cannot completely flush them out if you want)

Character Creation Guidelines
Characters1 will be 5th level
Characters2 will be 1st level
Characters2 should be young but close to adulthood.
Characters need to be at least relatively sane
Gestalt prestige classes
Stats: Roll 4d6, re-roll 1’s and re-roll the lowest. 6 sets of 6, pick any row or column
Alignment: Must not be evil, good preferred, neutral is acceptable
Race: No monster races
Classes: Any class; magic, technology, etc is all open ground
—Magic is considered a upper class pursuit
—Technology is usually considered to be more “blue collar” related
Deities: The pantheon for this game will be limited to the deities in the 3.5e Players Handbook
—Some exceptions may be made with GM approval

Post any questions below and I will address them.

  • Define relatively sane
    --Relatively: free from mental derangement; having a sound, healthy mind: a sane person or
    having or showing reason, sound judgment, or good sense: sane advice or sound; not being a freaky canibal by eating puppies/guinea pigs/or any other defenseless, small animals or human beings or any other race, you freaks!


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