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Name: Hank
Gender: Male
Race: Human Skeleton Champion
Motivation: Protecting Avalon & Atrum
Class/Position: Cavalier | Honor Guard for Avalon & Atrum
Eyes: Blue, Stern Gaze Soft Golden Glow
Hair: Dark Brown, Neat; Clean Shaven None
Height: 6’9"
Main Weapon: Battleaxe
Vice: Pride
Virtue: Justice
Sucker for: Avalon, Atrum, Horses, Eating, Cats, Most Animals
Annoyed by: Delinquents, Rodents, Lazy People, Corruption (government)
Hobby: Singing | Playing the Piano
Satisfaction with -un-life: 50%
Satisfaction with self: 50%

Player Secrets beyond this point. If you are not this character, do not continue reading.

Hank was born in the Province of Utanda, in the Kingdom of Salmore. As a young boy, he was raised to be a farmhand and accepted this fate unquestioningly. Hank grew to be a strong, hardy young man and was known throughout his village as a dependable man. He, like everyone else in the province, attended the temple to Ehlonna and was well versed in her teachings. While Hank had nothing against the Goddess or her realm of the land and cultivation, the young man knew he was destined for greater things than farming and agriculture.

When Hank was 13 years old, one of the families in the village gave birth to twins. The two infants were Aasimar: a godsend and a good omen, one predicted to bring great luck and fortune to the entire province. Even then, Hank knew they were destined for greatness, and so was disheartened when they were whisked off to the temple to learn the ways of Ehlonna. Hank’s family was close to the twins’ (whose names were Avalon and Atrum), and thus he spent a great deal of time with the young Aasimar, when they weren’t at the temple or he at work in the fields. As the twins grew older, they were close friends with Hank, and he felt himself growing quite fond of them. It was then Hank decided what he would do. He spent most of his downtime training himself in martial combat, military tactics, and horsemanship. He knew someday, the twins would need a protector.

Sure enough, as the twins reached adulthood and became of age to serve in the clergy, they confessed to their ‘big brother’ their true thoughts and inner secrets. Hank was more or less unsurprised, as he had practically raised the two and had witnessed much of their growth and experiences himself, hence why they were all so close. He told them that, when the time came, he would follow them wherever they needed him.

A few short years later, Avalon and Atrum prepared to leave the Province of Utanda. Knowing it was wrong to leave without permission (or even saying goodbye), they informed their parents, who were none too pleased to hear it. They prohibited the pair from leaving, until Hank arrived and told them he would go with them, to protect and watch over them. Only then did the twins’ parents (reluctantly) allow them to leave.

Disaster was not far off, however. On the roads to the capitol, the three were set upon by brigands. The young Aasimar were unaccustomed to combat, and even Hank had very little actual experience. Still, the small group fought valiantly, staving off the attack. Unfortunately, while defending the young twins from the brigand leader, Hank was mortally wounded. It was a sad passing, one full of tales of rememberance and regret. Hank expressed his wish that he could continue to aid them, to protect them, and that he knew his time was not up, and yet…

Avalon, who up until this point had shown strange abilities, often looked down upon by her superiors in the temple, had a personal moment with Hank. The two were sitting alone in an open space, almost devoid of features or color. They shared deep personal secrets, long-hidden. The both of them in tears, the moment ended, and Hank was dead.

In anguish and defiance, Avalon surged with energy and set her hands upon Hank’s body. Her golden eyes, wet with moisture, took on a soft glow. She begged him not to leave them.

The same soft golden glow enveloped Hank’s body, and after a few moments, faded, revealing the skeletal remains of their friend and protector. For a moment, there was only silence, as Avalon and Atrum watched. A soft golden pinpoint of light appeared in Hank’s now-empty eye sockets. Slowly, the pinpoint grew larger until it finally mved and focused on the twins sitting by and watching. Hank had been raised as a Skeleton Champion, retaining all of his memories, personality, and experiences. He was at first shocked, but quickly embraced his new life.

He would not fail them again.

Upon arriving in Alatia, Hank has since taken to concealing his true nature, well aware of the current state of Undead Rights. Avalon and Atrum’s interest in the small group at the command of the King and Queen caused Hank to be wary. The closer the twins grew to the group of experienced adventurers, they also became inexorably tied to the small band of aspiring adventurers. Since then, Hank has taken to babysitting members of the fledgling group, while still concealing his identity until the time is right.


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