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Player Secrets beyond this point (if you are not this character, do not continue reading)


You were born into a very powerful Drow family that held much influence in the Underdark. As time progressed so did your family’s status and power, ultimately having it become considered the 3rd most powerful Drow family in the Underdark. Your goal was to become the 3rd most powerful and work your way up. However, a member of your family was secretly plotting against you to make them-self better. They sabotaged you to better their own future, resulting in you being banished from your family, losing all your status.
Angrily you traveled the Underdark, resentment building. You knew that you must become more powerful in order to reclaim your rightful place in your house. You felt that you needed a different kind of power and knowledge in order to be better than your family member. You decided that the way to achieve this was to leave the Underdark, an experience that no others in your family have ever had. You can take this and use it against them by possessing overworld powers, and gathering an army of overworlders trained in the way of of the Underdark.
After a much life-threatening searching, you finally found an exit. When you exited the Underdark you found yourself at the base of a mountain, with more traveling you discovered a large tower. The tower was primarily populated with elf-kind, and although they were perplexed at your presence, they were well-learned and gifted in the magic arts. You were taken to the high council of mages, which you learned ruled the area. They spoke to you of keeping your origins secret from others, for none other than the high council knew of the existence of the Underdark entrance. They offered you entrance into their teachings and entrance into their academy of magic in return for your silence.
You spent much time learning in the academy, honing your skills and increasing your power. You also learned more about the area; you were currently in the Kingdom of Salmore, particularly in the Province of Mytopium. While in the academy you met a young elf, a half-breed named An’nilith. She is the daughter one of the mages on the high council, and her mother had recently entered her into the academy. You and her got along relatively well. She, unlike you, was not as interested in the magical arts. She decided to travel abroad, in search of her father and a different calling. An’nilith’s mother requested in secret that you accompany her, she wished extra protection on her daughter and it was no secret how quickly you had progressed in the magical arts. You agreed to accompany her, in order to experience more of the land.
She traveled to Norum in search of her father, where you quickly learned of the plight that concerned Norum. Having little care for the conflict, you were more interested in converting both sides to your cause than anything else. After some time, An’nilth endeavored to travel to the capital Province of Alatia. Seeing this as another opportunity, you once agreed accompanied her.
While in the capital city you are approached by some knuckle-headed guards that reveal they are not actually guard members, but really guild members in disguise. They request that you participate in the guild’s assassination attempt of the King and Queen. You and An’nilith decide that you should be double agents to insure the King and Queen’s survival. You meet with the Guild that night and meet their leaders, three cloaked men. They give you another time to meet and claim the plan will be divulged then. When you meet at that time, it is only the three leaders. They inform you that they have replaced a majority of the guard that night with their own inflitrators, and they will get you in and out. The assassination is to take place that very night. You agree to this and they lead you into the castle, infiltrate all the way to the King and Queen’s chambers corridor. You and An’nilith aid the not traitorous guards and defeat the assassins, except for one that gets away, and save the king.
The King and Queen requested you be apart of a task force charged with uprooting the traitors and putting a stop to it. You agreed and joined into a party with the other three while requesting some form of reward. After a long while you were able to finally defeat the leader of the Guild.
After the guild was collapsed the King and Queen requested you not to disband and to continue serving them, seeing this as an opportunity to gain standing and renown, you agreed.
This position brought you fame and more power, as well as friendship with the other members of the group. Along the way, you became idolized by many. One in particular you set aside from the rest; at first glance she seemed like a beautiful human, however, with your knowledge of the planes you realize he is actually what is called an Aasimar. The young Aasimar, named Avalon, is a cleric that endeavors to god-hood. Your goals may be the same, but your methods differed. She made it a point to achieve your goals quicker and more efficiently than you, using her methods. You found this humorous and knew that she would not be able to accomplish either.


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