The kingdom of Salmore is a vast kingdom that is structured more like an empire, it consists of nine different provinces. The kingdom has a king and queen that rule over the entire kingdom, and each province is governed by a president. The kingdom is ruled by King Caironeous alongside his sister Queen Kithera. They are just rulers and are generally loved by all the citizens.

Main Climate: Varied
Frequent Trouble: Varied
Wilderness%: 54%
Wild Animals: Varied
Natural Resources:
Terrain: Varied;

Occurence: Usually only among the upper class, not common but not rare
Source: Learned skill or religious
Major Use: Varied
Viewed: Varied

Structure: Monarchy
Strong Influence: Varied
Popular Issue: Varied
Stability: Stable
Personal Freedoms: Varied, generally good
Scandals: Varied
Foreign Relations: Salmore is mostly self sufficient, but maintains good relations with other kingdoms

Values: Varied
Known For: It’s rulers
Popular Entertainment: Varied
Respected Profession: Varied
Discrimination: Varied
Major Taboo: Rebellion
Major Social Ill: Varied

Type: Polytheism
Focus: Varied
Worship: Generally accepted
Prevalence: Varied
Holidays: Varied

Main Export:
Main Import:
Main Resource: Varied;
Trade: Little
—Salmore is very self-sufficient
Wealth: Varied

Strength: The army of Salmore is vast and exists in each province but resides primarily in Alatia
Focus: Land
Made up of: Volunteers and Draftees
Main Use: Defense of the Kingdom
Rank: Granted by superiors

Literacy Rate:
Diversity: Salmore is a vast kingdom with many provinces and thus is very diverse


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