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Name: Zeit
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Motivation: Never thought that far ahead… Career, maybe?
Class/Position: Clever Godling and most important military figure in world
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dirty Brown
Height: 5’4"
Main Weapon: Dual Snake Swords
Vice: Pride
Virtue: Hope
Sucker for: (Hot) Women
Annoyed by: Lawful Characters, Both Fathers
Hobby: Lute
Satisfaction with life: 87%
Satisfaction with self: 93%

Player Secrets beyond this point (if you are not this character, do not continue reading)

You were born in the Kingdom of Salmore in the Province of Romacus. You are a child born from the rape of your mother by the evil god Hextor, enemy to Romacus’s focus god Heironeious. Your mother’s husband, your “father”, thus hated you for this as a demon-child of sorts. He enlisted you into the army of Romacus at a rather young age, and, being one of the generals, insured you got treated poorly.
Your grandfather however, being a high general, recognized your situation and took you under his wing. He secretly taught you the way of the Snake-sword, your family’s prized weapon style known only to them, which you took to quite fondly. Your grandfather taught you the way of Heironeous, which your father would not allow, and showed you true compassion.
While in the army, you were unable to attain much rank due to your father’s influence. As you served, you met a promising soldier who believed she fought with the power of Heironeous behind her, a human named Alaesra. You and Alaesra became good friends, as she was appalled by the injustice that has befallen you.
Unfortunately, your grandfather died of old age. Your father rose to High General in his place, and your life only deteriorated with your father’s increase in influence. Alaesra requests you leave Romacus and join the Grand Army of Salmore. You decide at that point that there was nothing keeping you in the Romacus army with your grandfather gone, so you agree to leave the army. Alaesra believes that from a higher position you can then address the corruption in the Romacus army.
And so the two of you sneak out of the Province, with much difficulty due to the nature of the province, and head east to the capital province of Alatia. Once you arrive there, you are able to successfully enlist in the Grand Army of Salmore. With your skills and experience gained from the Romacus Army, you quickly rise through the ranks. After a while you wind up on the prestigious guard duty of the King and Queen’s chambers. Although you believe this may not be the most entertaining or heroic job, it is vital for advancing your career.
While on guard duty one night, several of the guards, who were actually traitors, were making an attempt on the King and Queen’s life. You stood your ground to defend against the traitors, and there were two double agents among them. A Drow Warlock and a half-elven archer. With the double agents you were able to defeat the threat and save the King and Queen. You learned the name of the Drow is Pernicity and the half-elf is An’nilith.
The King and Queen requested you be apart of a task force charged with uprooting the traitors and putting a stop to it. You agreed and joined into a party with the other three. After a long while you were able to finally defeat the leader of the Guild.
After the guild was collapsed the King and Queen requested you not to disband and to continue serving them, you undertook the task hoping for advancement in your career.
This position brought you fame and much training, as well as friendship with the other members of the group. Along the way, you became idolized by many. One in particular you set aside from the rest, a young elf from the province of Norum named Yavielaire. She was more stealthily inclined like you, and had the same smart-alick tendencies.


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