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Player Secrets beyond this point. If you are not this character, do not continue reading.

You were found on the shore in the Province of Tunacon in the Kingdom of Alatia. There was much confusion surrounding your appearance, somehow a child of your age washed up on the beach alive. There was no explanation for where you came from, how you got to Tunacon, or how you survived. The other confusion was the only object you were found with, a large egg.
One of the families of the village you were found in took it upon themselves to raise you as your son. When you awoke, you had no memory of anything. You did not know how you got there, where you were from, or where the egg came from.
It was not long before the egg hatched, and a baby silver dragon emerged. Instantly the two of you became close friends, sharing some kind of link. The dragon aged quickly, keeping up with you as you aged. You named the dragon ______.
The family you were adopted in too had grand ideals that they held on the highest of pedestals. These ideals they passed to you, which you took on with honor. The people of the town accepted you and your dragon easily into their midst, as if you were born to them and the dragon was a natural occurrence.
As time progressed, you found that _____ was large enough for you to ride upon. You realized that this could be very advantageous in a combat situation. However, nobody in the province of Tunacon had any knowledge of mounted combat skills to teach you. You decided that you would travel to the capital province of Alatia, where you would be taught mounted combat.
Although it was difficult for you to travel with your childhood friend _____, he/she did not exactly fit in anywhere other than your hometown. You eventually made it to Alatia and began studying under the Grand Army of Alatia. As you were studying in Alatia, you met a slightly prominant figure in the Grand Army, a human paladin named Alaesra. Her ideals coincided almost identically with those taught to you by your family, and she was well versed in the ways of mounted combat. You quickly became acquainted with Alaesra, and aspirations to be like her grew. You determined that you wanted to be an adventurer as she was and that you would hold even more strictly to the ideals taught to you, not letting them waiver for any reason.
Through your contact with Alaesra, you met her party members as well. A Drow named Pernicity (you were not sure how well you liked her), a dextrous fighter named Zeit (who you learned was the close friend to Alaesra), and a half-elven archer named An’nilith (who is the “sister” of Pernicity). In addition to Alaesra’s group, you also met a group of also aspiring young adventurers that look up to the other members of Alaesra’s group. The group consisted of some kind of supernaturally beautiful human priest, his twin sister who is a cleric, and a young elven rouge. Seeing as you and these other young adventurers had similar ambitions, you all became good friends.


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